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        Luxury Real Estate in Paris, France

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        Parisian apartments with terraces

        Terrace apartments, private mansions and beautiful houses with garden in Paris, Neuilly, Boulogne & Saint Cloud.


        Castles, manors and hunting grounds for sale.

        Trophy properties

        Apartments, mansions and properties that meet all international standards of luxury real estate.

        Deauville & Normandy coast

        Flats, houses and townhouses for sale in Deauville & Normandy.


        Flats, houses and townhouses for sale in Aix-en-Provence & Pays Varois.

        Luberon & Alpilles

        Flats, houses and townhouses for sale in the Luberon & Alpilles.

        Marseille & Littoral

        Flats, houses and townhouses for sale in Marseille.


        Flats, houses and townhouses for sale in Saint-Tropez.

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        • Parisian luxury real estate market in the context of the pandemic in 2021

          Parisian luxury real estate market in the context of the pandemic in 2021

          Market Report - Paris, December 14th 2021

            Although according to notaries the average prices per square meter in 2021 remained stable in Paris, they have increased by 3.5% in provincial towns and up to 7.5% for country houses and coastal properties. Many have suggested that Paris has fallen out of favour, and that to some extent the provinces are getting their “revenge”. Could it be that simple? Our sales in 2021 (compared to those in 2019, a record year) show a somewhat different evolution in buyer behaviour, and particularly for luxury assets. Taking into account Daniel Féau's market share at prices in excess of one million euro (1) our observations no doubt reflect the reality of the market.(1) In 2019, pre-pandemic and before the very significant increase in our sales in 2021, our Daniel Féau agencies concluded 27 % of all sales in Paris at prices between 2 and 4 million euro, and 42.9 % of sales in Paris at prices exceeding 4 million euro (market source : notaries)  The parisian market (Paris and Neuilly) in a...

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        • Event - Marion Lambert sale at Christie's

          Marion Lambert sale

          Audacity and elegance

             On May 25th and 26th Christie’s shall auction the contents of Marion Lambert’s Geneva residence. A sale that will honor the exceptional taste of this remarkable collector who died in 2016. By Éric Jansen   Black Sheep… This is how Christie’s chose to name the sale of the Marion Lambert collection. Somewhat irreverent it may seem, but nonetheless backed by her son Henri, for the whimsical baroness was indeed to some extent a black sheep. Not forgetting that the sale includes an...

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        • Real Estate - Life annuity purchases are generating renewed interest

          Life annuity purchases are generating renewed interest

          LE MONDE.FR - 04/01/2022

           This market is becoming an investment opportunity for buyers and, for sellers, a response to a downside of longer life-expectancyThe life annuity market, hitherto somewhat confidential since it only accounts for 5,000 to 8,000 sales per year, has over the past three years become an increasingly popular option. New buyers, individuals and investment funds now see it as an investment and savings opportunity, and a growing number of vendors see it as an answer to a need for money."With an increasingly...

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