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Daniel Féau is by far the major player in the sale and acquisition of prestigious apartments, private homes and Hotels Particuliers in Paris and its desirable western suburbs
In our neighbourhoods our agencies conclude one in three sales at prices of between 2 and 5 million euro, and over half of the sales at prices exceeding 5 million euro. We also sell between 600 and 700 apartments each year at prices ranging from 500 000 to 2 million euro.

We are fully aware that we owe our privileged position to our loyal clientele who, day after day and for over half a century, have placed their trust in us. Each and every day we ensure that not only our team members but also the tools at their disposal are the best available in our field.
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Our network

Thanks to its exclusive partnership with Christie's Great Estates and a close relationship with a number of international asset management companies, Daniel Féau regularly deals with discerning foreign clients. In order to meet their high expectations, all the brokers are at least bilingual and share the company's core values: efficiency, personal service and confidentiality.

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Our programs

Institutional clients, developers and private asset managers entrust us with the sale of buildings that we market whole or unit by unit.  

Discover all of our programmes, and please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss specific details regarding your project.  You will be among the first to be informed when new products arrive on the market!

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  • Greece, now is the time to buy

    For many years Greece was a dream destination. Although the financial crisis in 2008 somewhat dampened enthusiasm, a decade has since passed and the charm still operates. With prices that have become particularly attractive.

    The financial crisis that hit Greece dented its image as a sun-drenched paradise. Little by little, things have calmed down and the economy is gradually back on the move. This troubled period obviously seriously affected the real estate market, with prices...

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  • Yves and Victor Gastou, back to the future

    Curious and passionate, this Parisian gallery owner and his son have ceaselessly drawn forgotten designers back into the limelight. Their latest discovery is François Cante-Pacos who in the 1970’s created iconic furniture for Pierre Cardin.

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  • Jacques Garcia, "grand genre" decoration

    His chateau “Champ de Bataille” is the tree that hides the forest. In all discretion this remarkable decorator has undertaken projects in Paris, London, and New York. Renowned for his work in hotels, his exceptional talent is also keenly sought-after by owners of exceptional private homes.By Eric JansenEven his agency’s offices are remarkable: a suite of salons facing the Tuileries Gardens… and three storeys to the rear. “I’ve been here for 25 years with about thirty team members” says Jacques Garcia...

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