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  • The high-end and luxury residential market in Paris and its outskirts

    The high-end and luxury residential market in Paris and its outskirts

    A review of 2022 and looking forward

      The luxury real estate market in the capital has not mirrored - at all - the downturn observed in transactions at prices below 1 million euro resulting from the economic, financial or geopolitical context.The war in Ukraine, the increase in rates and instability in the equity market seem, in fact, to have had little or no impact on the luxury real estate bracket.This contrast between the top-end and the rest of the market has been observed during other crises in the past. Clearly particularly...

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  • For Sale: A luxurious workshop-style property, 6 million euro

    For Sale: A luxurious workshop-style property, 6 million euro

    Le Parisien - by Anne-Laure Abraham - December 7th 2022

     At first glance nothing suggests that a true gem is hidden behind the somewhat dirty off-white facade. However, in a peaceful street in the capital’s 18th District, just a few hundred metres from Sacré-Coeur Basilica, Place du Tertre and Rue des Abbesses, is the former home and studio of renowned artist Eugène Boudin (1824-1898). Transformed over the years, it is today a superb 353 sqm four-storey property (304 sqm of living space) with a garden and a beautiful terrace. Marketed by the Daniel...

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  • Événément - Asia Now à Paris

    ASIA NOW, l'art contemporain asiatique à Paris

    Fondée en 2014 par Claude Fain et Alexandra Fain, ASIA NOW a pour but de présenter les nouvelles perspectives et enjeux de l’art contemporain asiatique et de son marché : la valeur de ses artistes, son potentiel de développement et ses stars montantes.Première foire parisienne dédiée exclusivement à la scène artistique contemporaine d’Asie, ASIA NOW présente, du 20 au 23 octobre 2022 à Monnaie de Paris, 11 Quai de Conti, Paris 6e, une 8ème édition. Plateforme idéale de dialogue et d’échanges dédiée...

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  • Real estate - Wealthy foreigners are back in the Parisian market

    Real estate: wealthy foreigners are back in the Parisian market

    Le - by Véronique Chocron - September 6th 2022

      In the capital’s 7th District, for the first time since 2013, one apartment in five acquired in the first half of the year was purchased by a foreign buyer. This renewed interest could explain the rise in prices in the capital's desirable neighbourhoods in the second quarter, as they dropped in the majority of the city’s less prestigious areas.Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, wealthy foreigners had turned their back on the Parisian real estate market. Now however, they are back,...

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  • Daniel Féau, a reference

    Daniel Féau, a reference


    A trusted partner of Christie's for over two decades, the Daniel Féau network continues to reign supreme in the luxury real estate market in France. The group’s CEO, Charles-Marie Jottras, has kindly agreed to answer our questions. Daniel Féau has now been associated with Christie's for over two decades. Could you take us back to the early days?Effectively, the Daniel Féau group celebrates this year its 25 years of collaboration with Christie's. Our Belles demeures de France agency actually sold...

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  • Luxury real estate: a changing market

    Luxury real estate: a changing market

    LES ECHOS - MARIE-EVE FRÉNAY, 11/05/2022

     In terms of the volume of sales, while real estate overall has suffered a downturn over the past months, the luxury sector seems unaffected. Better, it is blossoming, according to the Daniel Féau and Belles demeures de France networks.The real estate market, including the luxury segment, is multifaceted. Resilient in general, it is at the top-of-the-range that prices are climbing, according to an internal analysis carried out by the Daniel Féau and Belles demeures de France networks.If we are...

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  • In Paris, very expensive real estate  has never sold so well

    In Paris, very expensive real estate has never sold so well

    Immobilier Le Figaro - Written by Jean-Bernard Litzler 10/05/2022

      While the average price in the capital could drop to below 10,000 euro/sqm, the most luxurious properties are breaking records both in price and in volume. As the saying goes, “ Paris qui pleure et Paris qui rit” ... While the real estate market has been increasingly difficult over the past few months for properties that are less than perfect, or even for those which simply do not benefit from an outdoor area, the luxury sector is more than holding...

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  • The state of the real estate market for the first 4 months of 2022

    The state of the French real estate market for the first 4 months of 2022

    Market Report - Paris, May 13th 2022

      Reports regarding the evolution of the real estate market have been numerous. They do not, however, always correspond with what we are experiencing in the field in our different sectors.It therefore seemed appropriate to share our observations, comparing the number of transactions achieved by our agencies within three price ranges: (transactions at prices ranging from 750,000 to 2 million euro, from 2 to 3 million euro, and at prices in excess of 3 million euro), and this over the first 4...

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  • A resilient yet demanding market

    Le nouvel Économiste by Romain Thomas the 08/04/2022

       Buyers are still active, but hyper-selective regarding the quality of both assets and services As a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, French buyers have replaced international clients in the luxury real estate segment in France, and particularly in Paris. Despite a significant increase in price per square meter, customers are still in the market for luxurious properties offering state-of-the-art amenities. However, owing to administrative specificities and the historical character...

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  • 2021, a record year for real estate

    2021, a record year for real estate

    Le Monde, 4th January 2022

     In a changing market, low borrowing rates no longer compensate for rising property prices. In his economic report dated January 3rd 2022, Laurent Vimont, president of the Century 21 network whose 925 agencies concluded 50,000 transactions over the past year, observes “For the moment, the market is very active after records were broken in 2021". After an atypical year in 2020 penalized by eight weeks of lockdown, record sales indeed, close to 1.2 million and comparable to those achieved in...

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