Jewelry - Harry Winston, the Diamond King, the King of Diamonds

Harry Winston, the Diamond King, the King of Diamonds


Since it was founded in 1932, this iconic American jewellery company that bears its founder’s name has been a benchmark when it comes to exceptional diamonds and stones. Known as the "King of Diamonds" and the "Jeweller for the Stars", Harry Winston was instrumental in revolutionizing fine jewellery and quality watchmaking. By Heirama REICHART

His innovative design philosophy was that it is the precious stone that dictates the design of every piece of jewellery, and this remains the spearhead that continues to inspire all of the company’s creations today. Over eight decades, the company acquired some of the world's most famous gemstones, among them the Jonker and Hope diamonds, and most recently the Winston Legacy and Winston Blue. Worn by Hollywood stars and politicians across the globe, Harry Winston jewellery has gradually become recognized as a synonym of excellence.


In 1989 the company diversified and in 2007, exactly 50 years after opening its Geneva boutique, Harry Winston inaugurated its own manufacture in the Swiss city synonymous with quality watchmaking. It goes without saying that there have been no concessions regarding quality, whether it be for the mechanism or the aesthetics of their creations. From New York icon-style jewellery watches from The Premier Collection or The Avenue Collection to the astonishingly complicated timepieces it presents in its Histoire de Tourbillon and Opus collections each year, the company pursues its eternal quest for excellence. Proof of its success, in 2011 it joined the prestigious Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie as a partner.



This year, vibrant colours are in the spotlight for Harry Winston. From classic Winston blue to orange, yellow or turquoise among many others, 2021’s innovations scintillate like a firework display. Boasting flamboyant colours and sumptuous diamonds, these include new Midnight Winston with Love, Emerald and Ocean watches. The latter is declined in four models including the Project Z and Zalium Variation Orange, which have the particularity of featuring zalium, a zirconium-based alloy also used in aeronautical engineering. Constantly pushing the limits, the Ultimate Emerald Signature and Emerald Signature creations have been revamped and are now adorned with blue sapphires and Paraíba tourmalines.



Opened in the late 1950’s and meticulously renovated in 2014, the legendary Parisian boutique located at 29 avenue Montaigne in the capital’s prestigious 8th District is a perfect setting for these exceptional and exquisite creations. So much more than a simple outlet, this space was, to Harry Winston, a home quintessentially “à la française” for his creations. Spacious and airy, with scintillating chandeliers, marble fireplaces, a wide original 60-year-old staircase and deep-pile carpets, Gustave Schlumberger’s former private mansion adjacent to the Plaza Athénée Palace Hotel showcases priceless diamonds, exceptional jewellery and watches. A perfect setting, immortalizing the love of clients for Harry Winston’s creations and the jeweller’s passionate love affair with Paris.


Harry Winston
29, avenue Montaigne, 75008, Paris

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